A View from Royd Moor

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One of my first drives out beyond my local area after lockdown last year was over to the Royd Moor Viewpoint. It is located to the north of Millhouse Green near Penistone and provides a 360 degree views, to the north towards Huddersfield and Holme Moss to the south west towards the Peak District and West towards Selby. It is very much a northern rural working environment, not a particularly photogenic spot and the area is dominated by wind farms dotted across the landscape.

However I do like to go up there and get some wind in my hair and on my first visit back decided to make some images with a view to interpreting the view a little differently.

I decided to take a series of multiple exposure images that I could work with later. You can see the regular and the ME images I took on the day in the left set.

It’s worthwhile when making these types of images is to have some an idea of what you want to produce. When you create ME images in camera sometimes you often have see what you have and how you can then work with them when you get them on the computer. I think this comes with a bit of experience and understanding of how the techniques both in-camera and in the software can be used to best effect. The thing to remember is that these are abstract images and so it gives you a lot of leeway regards the type of editing you might want to do with them.

Processing these was based around shifting the colours in each image. They were taken from Lightroom into Photoshop and the colours inverted (like a negative) and then I played with colour balance until I got the colours I was looking for. In each image I also created a copy of the original and layered and blended it to create more structure and to add depth.