A never ending project photographing faded tulips. I will keep adding to this gallery as time goes on.

I have an ongoing love of photographing faded flowers and most flowers start to lose their beauty as they fade, not the case with tulips.

In my view they fade in such a glorious way, holding onto their petals, slowly crinkling away to reveal the inner stamens standing proud. They cry out to be photographed.

These are some images I took recently using the Daguerreotype Achromat f2.9 64mm Art Lens by Lomography. The lens is a replica of lens made by Charles Chevalier.

“Some 175+ years ago, Charles Chevalier invented the first photographic optic lens in the world. Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre incorporated it into a Daguerreotype camera, and voilà – history was made: it was the start of practical photography. The initial achromat lens was an ingenious design which caused light rays to split and disperse – wrapping the world in an otherworldly glow.”…..read more here

I’ve been using this lens for over a year now and it has a very distinct look and feel. Not an easy lens to use but it is perfect for making impressionistic photographs. I’ve used a combination of ICM and multiple exposure for these shots which adds to the dreamy look you get from this lens.