Arc Abstracts

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I’ve recently been spending some time photographing buildings and architecture around my local area. I love finding ways of using the camera to re-interpret the built environment making use of in-camera multiple exposure techniques. Each location is unique and often lends itself to different approaches in both capture and editing style.

These were taken around the Xscape and retail park Junction32 (M62) near Castleford

Simple shapes, pastel colours and edited to give a look and feel of 1950’s Frank Lloyd Wright buildings.

I tend to use Bright blend mode to combine these types of images, as it works well for breaking subjects down into shapes and lines.

Abstract and non-representational photography requires a different approach to straight photography.

Barnsley College Buildings

You are not looking to create a documentary image. Look for shapes, lines, structure, textures etc and find ways of breaking them down and combining them to make something new.

Don’t photograph something for what it is.
Photograph it for what you want it to be