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A large stick stuck on the weir made for some nice patterns in the water flow.

I live quite near to Newmillerdam in Wakefield so I have done a lot of my day to day strolling around the woods and lake.

I’ve taken loads of pictures in and around this area so it’s always something of a challenge to get something new.

No matter how often you visit a place there is always the possibilty for new shots and trying different approaches to the same things.

I’ve passed the small weir at the head of the lake many times and never really found it particularly photogenic but there was so much water rushing over it I took the opportunity to try some moving water shots.

I had no tripod so had to rest on the wall but I’m not necessarily looking for a sharp image here but a softer impressionistic feel. I also used a Polariser and ND filter to slow the shutter speed. This image was crying out for a mono conversion so I created a cream tone tint in Lightroom for an old feel and I really like the result.

Looking into a weak winter sun, expose for the sky and get a perfect silouette

Today was quite overcast so it was ideal for woodland shots, no harsh lighting and with the sun low in the sky, and not too strong it was a good opportunity for some nice silouettes.

The following two images were taken at the top of the park near the recently renewed arboretum.

Taking the exposure from the sky will throw the trees into silouette and winter trees with no leaves make a perfect subject.

I had a good day shooting today and only out for a few hours and also bagged some nice abstract shots that will be in another posting.


Some of todays shots will definitely make it into the gallery at some point and will be available as prints.


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