Flowers and Flora

This collection of images contains work taken using a variety of techniques and equipment. Most of my work with flowers and flora are taken locally within a few miles of my home.

I make use of Vintage and Lensbaby lenses to photograph flowers, flora and botanical images.

I am usually looking for an impressionistic look
and a unique feel to my images rather than a documentary shot of a particular flower.

I use soft focus, out of focus and will shoot through foliage to soften the edges of an image or to give a impressionistic feel, and will often use textures to enhance an image.

I also use a lightpad to make images, and these may be worked on in Photoshop to create composite work.

I like to present images in montage form to give an overall view of a location.

These montage may be studies of a specific flora or location and often photographed using a specific lens.

Flora Impressions

Lightpad Impressions