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I lost my Dad in February this year 2022 so my sister and I have been spending our time clearing out his house. It’s proving to be quite emotional as there are lots of memories for me and my sisters.

I wanted to document the place so I decided to get plenty of photographs before we got it emptied.

I’ve used a recipe in the Fuji for Kodachrome 64 as I wanted to give the images a retro look.

If you are not familiar with this the Fuji X cameras come with a feature called Colour Simulation which allows you to change the style and look of an image based on the film type that Fuji used to produce, e.g. Provia, Acros, Velvia etc.

You can also create your own ‘recipes’ for different type of film.
The simulation is only applied to jpeg files however, I have made a number of presets in Lightroom that mirror the Fuji film simulations and can then apply them to the RAW files to give them ‘the look’ I want.

As part of this project I will probably do some composite images as well as general photography. In this image I’ve photographed some of his tools that I placed on old Yorkshire Post newspaper from the day Mam & Dad got married which is July 24th 1954. (I think he would have liked that). Then made a collage composite in Photoshop.

I’ll publish some more of the images as I complete the project and think I might eventually make them into a small book that I can give to my sisters.