Earth Art

The Earth Art project came about during the spring of 2020 in the middle of the Covid pandemic lockdown in the UK. Like most people I was looking for things to do and became fascinated with looking at images of the earth on Google Maps. This is what sparked the inspiration for this project.

Fascinated not just by the awesome nature of the planet I was struck by the abstract shapes and beautiful colours. I was awed by the repeating patterns across the world formed by river estuaries and deltas, deserts, tundra, mountains and the obvious presence of humans across this fragile world.

I captured a number of images from Google Earth and then used these as the basis for my inspiration to create and design new graphic images using shapes and and elements I had seen. The images are completely original and abstract in nature and represent each area using various elements combined and layered in Photoshop.

Earth Art Grid
Earth Art

It took me over 18 months to come up with a format to present the work. I decided to produce an explosion book for each set of images with the purpose in presenting them in a way to give the viewer the experience of opening each book and seeing the colours, patterns, shapes and textures of the world as I saw them from above.

Earth Art Explosion Books