Afternoons in a summer woodland

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At the end of May this year (2020) we had some beautiful weather, about a week of warm spring/summer heat. We were in lock-down; a sort limbo I suppose for many people.

We had been given some flexibility regarding outside activities and I had been able to take the dog for a walk each day, but still felt the pull of trying to fit in some outdoor photography whilst maintaining social distance from everyone.

Afternoons in a Summer Woodland
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At the back of my house there is a small park and at the top end, near my house, there is a small wooded area and although the park is used by dog walkers, the wooded area is usually very quiet.

It is quite overgrown and pathless in some areas and I don’t know if it was my state of mind but there was a beautiful tranquillity about it especially when you got into the middle by stepping over brambles and being careful not trip and fall. All I could see, feel and hear was the dappled light coming through the canopy, the vibrant colours of spring, the heat of the afternoon sun and the sounds of birds. I decided I needed to somehow capture this through my imagery.

I decided the best way to represent the way I felt was to make a series of multiple exposure images. I have a vintage Auto Reflecta 55m f1.7 lens, it’s a solid lens built in the 70’s by Chinon and it has a particularly nice bokeh to it. I decided to use this lens coupled with my regular camera the Fuji XT4. I took a series of shots over 3 days starting with out of focus images for the soft bokeh and then overlaying them with in-focus shots and/or more out of focus images to build up 2 or 3 exposures in each image.

Once I had edited the images in Lightroom I decided the best way to present them was to bring them together in a 4×4 grid, this was done in Photoshop.

The final image is the one see which is a 20x20inch panel – click on image to see larger version

Make images about how you feel, not what something looks like